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But the point is not get 10,000 steps or don’t bother. The focus is to wear a pedometer and get MORE steps each day. How much more? Start with a 100 more today than you got yesterday. Then add another 100 tomorrow. And if you can't do a 100 more than yesterday, the...

Sleep can affect your weight. It starts with hunger. If you had lunch at noon today then about 4 or 5 you were probably feeling peckish. That’s because a hormone that regulates hunger, Ghrelin, has increased and now you’re hungry.

Are you feeling stuck, wedged in, or a bit worse for wear Maybe your clothes need a bit more space in your closet.  After all, your closet reflects your thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams and opinions of yourself.

Use your salad plates instead. You can cut your calories by almost 50% without even measuring just by eating off the smaller salad plates. Obviously, you’ll be eating less, but you’re more likely to serve yourself a reasonable portion size and be more satisfied.

To start meal planning in one small step, take five to ten minutes to list your next 3 dinners, your next 3 breakfasts, or your next 3 meals. Decide now: what vegetable and fruits you’ll choose; what protein you’ll add; and what carbohydrates/starches you’ll have.

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